iMCL meets every two weeks to discuss ongoing research projects, listen to presentations from internal and external speakers, or to discuss research papers. These meetings are open to everyone who is engaged or interested in studies that involve eye movements. If you would like to attend our meetings, please contact us and we will add you to our mailing list.


BOMG meeting 

iMCL will be hosting the 24th British Oculomotor Group Meeting (BOMG) at Kingston university on Monday 17th of December 2012 at Kingston University. For more details and registration click here.



25/04/2012    Dr Jo Van Herwegen: "Eye movements and theory of mind abilities"

21/03/2012    Dr Sabira Mannan: "Eye movements and visual search"

07/03/2012    Discussion of reading and eye-movements (journal discussion Dr G. Villejoubert)

22/02/2012    Dr Courtenay Norbury: "What the eyes say about language processing in developmental disorders."

23/11/2011    Discussion of saccadic control in Williams syndrome (journal discussion Dr J. Van Herwegen)

09/11/2011    Discussion of fixational eye movements (journal discussion Dr S. Mannan)

26/10/2011    Dr Jo Van Herwegen: "Figurative language and eye movements"

5/10/2011      Discussion of dynamic and static face stimuli in ASD (journal discussion Dr E. Back)