About us

At iMCL we are actively involved in a wide variety of research including social cognition, face processing, language processing, neuropsychology and developmental cognition in typical and atypical populations (for example Autism, Williams Syndrome and Specific Language Impairment). Our Lab members are actively involved in research and have publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Collectively our eye tracking lab members have been cited over 352 times since 2009.

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In the spring 2014 we collected data at the Science Museum’s Live Science programme. Live Science is an ongoing project where real scientists come into the Museum to carry out their research with Museum visitors as volunteers. Over 500 participants took part in our research! We are now analysing this huge amount of data.


In 2012 we organised the 24th British Oculomotor Group meeting at Kingston University. For more information about this meeting click here.